The Skin Rituals You Need to be Following in 2018

The Skin Rituals You Need to be Following in 2018

Even your skin needs some lovin’ too!

New Year, New SUGU! Which means it’s time to detox those pores, shake up your regime and try out some new rituals for the year ahead? Inspired by our K-beauty influencers and routines, these are the little tips and tricks you need to be following for effortless glowing vibes.

Add a Splash of Green Tea…

SUGU Panda Sheet Mask with Apple

We all know and love the hot cuppa’ benefits, but what about for our skin? Green Tea is rich in Vitamin B and Amino Acids, perfect for flushing out those unwanted toxins and keeping your skin firm and clear. In addition, it’s the handy little remedy for reducing blemishes and scars. For the full result of clear, light-feeling skin, use green tea induced products during and after a hot shower!

Keepin’ it Youthful With Ginseng

Awakening Under Eye Mask With Ginseng & Eucalyptus

Sourced from Korea, Ginseng Is the quick-fix benefit for maintaining a youthful look. The little ingredient adds extra moisture to your skin, hydrating the face, tightening and reducing fine lines. It’s the ultra-cute addition for keeping those delicate eyes looking moisturized and sparkling. Use before or after a party to keep your peepers

Fresh & Flawless

SUGU Moisturizing Sheet Mask With Avocado

Known as the ingredient of longevity, Centella Asiatica (aka Gotu Kola) is the key benefit to harnessing a youthful radiance. The natural, anti-aging botanical is one of our must-have ingredients here at SUGU HQ. Not only does it tighten the face and reduce sagging, but it also speeds up healing and reduces eczema and acne. It’s an untold getting-ready secret every glowing babe needs in her regime! Grab our SUGU Moisturizing Sheet Mask with Avocado and pair it with Awakening Under Eye Mask With Ginseg & Eucalyptus to refresh your face after removing makeup.

Keeping it Natural

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Here at SUGU, we pride our products on its natural benefits and friendly ingredients. All our products are made from natural sources and are driven with k-beauty benefits. From avocado, too egg, these super-foods are not just for your breakfast!


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